The Firelight Story

The Firelight Story

The Leading Edge Of Design And Technology

A Staff Dedicated To Excellence

A key to the Firelight Glass success story rests in the talents and skills of every individual who works there. Jamie harkens back to his days as a coach. (He recruited their first employees from his soccer team! Even today he continues to coach world-class runners.) At Firelight Glass, a team approach is encouraged—that’s simply how decision making and problem solving get done. Workers are valued for their input, and job satisfaction is high, along with a sense of common pride.

Inside the Firelight Glass building, nestled on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay, highly skilled “hotworkers” ply their craft as they melt, shape and spin the finest glass tubing into diverse and distinctive forms. With specially designed gas-oxygen burners, hand tools, ovens, and adapted glassblowing lathes, they transform the glass into works of seamless beauty.

Founder Karen Boss, having come a long way from the one-person glassblowing company she started on a kitchen table, describes the feeling that sometimes comes over her as she arrives at work. "I pull up to the building and feel a heartbeat coming out of it. The energy there! It may be your business up to a point, then you belong to it."