Oil Candle Environments

Oil Candle Environments

"Candlelight" Your Home with Mood and Imagination

You don't have to wait for the electricity to go out to remember how magical candlelight can be. For entertaining -- or just for your own private enjoyment -- Firelight Glass oil candles grace any setting with the crystalline beauty of glass turned to sculpture.

Plus, to appeal to the practical side of every hostess, they're virtually hassle-free. Simply replenish with oil occasionally and keep them dusted. No need to change the lifetime fiberglass wick before the next dinner party. No more ruined table linens from dripping wax candles!

Above all, be imaginative in your use of Firelight glass candles. Of course, they make exceptional gifts for any occasion. The kind you like to give - exquisite, memorable, affordable. (Guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind). But, they also create an ever ready centerpiece of light for your own home - extending well beyond the dining room table.

A Few Suggestions...

  • Create a stunning Candelabra with a cluster of tapers of varying heights.

  • Lay a path of our Sonata Table-light candles to accent the curve of a staircase.

  • Launch a flotilla of miniature Omni Table-lights in a clear bowl for an oasis of candlelight. Set larger Table-lights afloat in a pool for romantic party lighting.

  • Create an intimate sphere of candlelight for each dinner guest with a cluster of Place Setting Votives.

  • Arrange assorted shapes and sizes in a fireplace when you want the glow of flame without the mess of a wood fire or wax candles.

  • Trace a garden path with our Floating Moon chimney lamps for contemporary luminaria.

  • For an impromptu escape (just you two), there's no more welcome "third party" than our dramatic Obelisk.

  • Be your own designer! Firelight Glass candles are best displayed in clusters for architectural drama. Surround the largest Round with the smallest Triangles. Intersperse Prisms with Diamonds. Combine curved shapes with linear. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!